Welcome all brethren and sistern who play tuba, sousaphone, euphonium, baritone, cimbasso or other tuba-related instruments!  TUBAGEAR specializes in low-brass recordings that you just won't find anywhere else...especially at these prices. 

Our MP3 albums have been digitally remastered at the highest sampling rate and always include graphics so you can burn your own hard copy AND put a nice front and back cover on it.

By eliminating shopping carts and other cost-added services common to most web sites, we are able to offer our albums at amazingly low prices. 


Here's How It Works:

1)   For MP3 albums, download what you wish.  These are encrypted windows.exe files that will not work on a Mac.  Sorry. 
2)  Then download the Order Form and fill out the albums you wish to own.
3)  Send the order form along with your purchase total to our secure PayPal address.
              (You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit or debit card)

4)  You will receive your personal decryption codes by return email within 24 hrs, along with simple instructions for decrypting the files.

If you're not familiar with burning a hard-copy CD and printing cover graphics from an MP3 file, there is a complete tutorial HERE.

As software evolves, the protocols will likely change, but the end process - burning an audio CD or an MP3 CD from a sound file -  is ancient history for most folks who use a computer.

MAC OWNERS PLEASE NOTE:  These encrypted windows.exe files WILL NOT open or play on your Mac.  Sorry.

A little more info...
Now Playing:  "Fanfare" from "A Tribute to Merle Evans", Harvey Phillips and David Gannett, tubas
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